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about smartengine

The smartengine is based on an established innovative Californian lighting platform technology and provides best in class lighting energy efficiency.

Simply using a single network cable for the flow of power and data between a centralized smartengine and each smartsensor & fixture, the technology eliminates the need for complex high voltage power and bus cabling.

The sensory information collected from smartsensors on motion, light levels, and temperature, allow the user to create a best in class energy saving strategy and share the fine-mesh sensory data with other building systems via an open API. The unique low-voltage dimming process is not only much more efficient compared to other lighting systems, but also allows extending the lifecycle of LED fixtures. This Californian technology established in 2008 will be available and further developed by wtec.

Beginning March 2016, wtec provides products including smartengines, smartdirectors, smartsensors, smartgateways, smartdimmers, smartapps for purchase and distribution via a network of established and experienced partners.

about wtec

w-tec AG (wtec) is a European leader in innovating IT Infrastructure and Network services. From Bad Homburg/Frankfurt, (Germany), London, (UK) and Prague, (Czech Republic) wtec’s keen team plans and builds Europe’s largest Data Center infrastructures. wtec’s customers include 20 of the Fortune Top 100. The company was founded 1989 in central Germany. wtec’s core business areas are IT infrastructure, Data Center, Intelligent Building, Retail Service and Product Development. Since 2012 wtec has increasingly been focusing on Intelligent Building and Lighting solutions.