CeBIT 2017


Datacenter Infrastructure in Hall 12 CeBIT 2017 – Retrospect

What an exciting week!

  • 42 companies took part in the Data Center Infrastructure Community
  • 9 x 360°dcTours with more than 40 interested parties
  • more than 50 speakers in Speaker’s Corner
  • more than 140 participants in the 360°dcLounge meets CeBIT + Digital Twin
  • countless guests in the Data Center Lounge – the central meeting place for the community!
  • lively popularity of the Guinness and Cocktail reception
  • countless discussions…
  • tired feet…
  • and lots of new contacts!

The surprise was complete when Philipp Wilhelm told us we should forget everything we have known so far about the CeBIT.

The most important thing: we will be meeting again in Hanover from 12/-14/06/2018!

You can find the presentations made available under „Downloads“, some Impressions can be found in the Gallery.

What an exciting week!


Datacenter Infrastructure in Hall 12 CeBIT 2017

You will find the Data Center Infrastructure Community in Hall 12 at CeBIT 2017. The joint motto of the community is:

The aim is to illustrate general answers and solutions to your questions and issues, and present new perspectives and innovations.

Prepare to encounter a varied and interesting platform brought to you by the exhibitors, speakers and hosts of CeBIT between 20/03/2017 and 24/03/2017.

Highlights of the Data Center Infrastructure Community include:

  • 360°dcLounge Pavilion – 17 companies present their latest concepts, solutions and products
  • Colocation Pavilion – Colocation providers offer data center infrastructure as well
  • So-we-do – The providers in Hall 12 also belong to the Data Center Infrastructure Community
  • 360°dcTour – Guided tour to solution providers
  • DatacenterLounge – The main place to meet and network
  • Speaker’s Corner – Fresh, insightful short presentations await you
  • 360°dcLounge – The event series takes up a guest spot on 22/03/2017 at CeBIT 2017
  • dcNetworking – At the end of each CeBIT day

I am sure we have created the ideal conditions for news, expert analyses, networking and much more.

See below for more information – for organisational reasons, we would like to ask you to register for some of the highlights in advance.

The latest information is always available on the CeBIT page.

If you have any questions, please contact:

  • Monika Graß, Grass Consulting, +49 171 7544430,
  • Philipp Wilhelm, CeBIT, +49 511 89 33167,

We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

The Specials

Hall 12, Stand E88

Here you will find 17 companies who are looking forward to your visit. You can expect to encounter a variety of professional topics in this pavilion, as well as meeting data center experts from across the entire life-cycle.

Further information


Hall 12, Stand E71

Data Center Infrastructure and Colocation Data Centers are not synonymous, but are certainly very close thematically.

The providers at the Colocation Pavilion are looking forward to your visit!

Further information


Hall 12

These companies are also part of the Data Center Infrastructure Community and will be glad to answer your questions. They know the other exhibitors well and will be happy to introduce you to them.

So, why not get in touch!

Further information


Hall 12, Stand E82

Two 360°dcTours of the Data Center Infrastructure accompanied by experts are planned each day.

Details and registration


Hall 12, Stand E 82

Here you will find the meeting point for the 360°dcTours and 360°dcLounge, and room for networking and meetings by the companies at the 360°dcLounge Pavilion and Colocation Pavilion.



Hall 12, Stand E82

Meet data center experts on the following subjects: power supply, air conditioning, physical security, operation, planning and construction, data infrastructure, inside-the-rack, colocation and much more.

Special topics will also be addressed daily.

The Programme

Hall 12, Stand E82

Digitaler Zwilling

Are digital twins also an integral part of the data center environment?

Both keynote speakers and experts and sponsors will address this question during the discussion.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on 22/03/2017 from 15:30 hrs onwards.

Details and registration

Hall 12

The Data Center Infrastructure Community meets!

A networking special and much more takes place every afternoon of the CeBIT.

End your CeBIT day in the company of others!

View the specials


The specials in detail

Hall 12, Stand E88

17 companies await you. Who they are, where you can find them and what topics you can expect them to address all at a glance:

360°dcLounge PavillonCompanyHighlights
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F83/1)APLEONAFacility Management, Risk Management, Analysis & Consulting, TGA Planning & Project, Training, Energy Management
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F83/2)Atos Information TechnologyAtos provides Cloud services, Infrastructure & Data Management, Business & Platform solutions.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F85/2)AZS SystemAccess control for data centers, server cabinets and doors.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E84)Berliner Luft. Klimatechnikair ducting - air conditioning (datacenter and serverrooms) - aisle containment - evaporation-/adiabatic cooling 
Halle 12, Stand E 88 (F85 )CommScopeCommScope designs and builds the connectivity for the world’s most advanced communications networks.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E84/2)Deerns DeutschlandGlobal engineering firm, planning and consulting in the field of technical building infrastructure, energy design and construction physics
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F85/1)ENGIE DeutschlandBuilding services systems, facility management, energy management, energy procurement, energy trade and industrial refrigeration technology   
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F91/2)EPI EuropeWorld’s largest accredited data center training provider. Global Data Centre Operations Standard (DCOS), Audit services.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E86)FNT Softwareinnovative data center management, virtual reality in the data center, integrated facility and IT operations solution
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E84/1)Gude Analog- und DigitalsystemeEmpowering your Network: Intelligent Power Distribution Units and Monitoring Systems for sustainable IT Management   
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F91)ICT FacilitiesYour prospective business success is already real now: Check the modular and standardised PRIME data centers by ICT Facilities  
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E86/1)MinimaxOxeo EcoPrevent represents availability, flexibility and Green IT - it is the fire protection system for data centers.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E84/3)Om7SenseProfessional energy management solution for small and medium-sized data centers. Cost-efficient, simple, flexible.
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F91/1)PentairTrusted datacom and networking solutions for a connected world
Halle 12, Stand E88 (E86/2)Scolmore International
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F83/3)Siemens AGSolutions for data centers in the fields of power, fire safety, security, energy efficiency and DCIM 
Halle 12, Stand E88 (F83)Wagner GroupGas extinguishing system FirExting® - Early fire detection TITANUS® for server racks - Active fire prevention OxyReduct®


Hall 12, Stand E69/E71

Which companies you can meet there, where you can find them and what topics you can expect them to address all at a glance:

Colocation PavillonCompanyHighlights
Halle 12, Stand E71/1Cronon AGProfessional ISP: colocation, hosting, network management and leased lines that is individually customised for your company
Halle 12, Stand E71FDCServers
Halle 12, Stand E71/3Globalways AG
Halle 12, Stand E69maincubes onemaincubes is unique based on an extremely high power density combined with an energy-efficient operation of the data center.


Hall 12


The companies below augment the Data Center Infrastructure Community and follow the motto:

The companies, their locations and their focus include:

Hall 12, Stand B89Cloud&HeatDatacenter in a Container: The Cloud infrastructure of the future. Freely scalable & powered by OpenStack
Hall 12, Stand D79VertivVertiv designs, builds and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks and commercial and industrial facilities.
Hall 12, Stand D83DeltaDelta’s modular datacenter system provides Simple Deployment, Scalable Design, Reliability & Manageability and High Efficiency which can be easily expanded as a customer’s business grows.
Hall 12, Stand D88InnovITinnovIT is the German manufacture for modular data centres, be it an IT-safe, a containerized DC or a fully integrated room in room system.
Hall 12, Stand E79AixpertSoftExperience together “live” - Software as essential part of datacenter management
Hall 12, Stand E79AxiansExperience together “live”
Hall 12, Stand E79Cadolto DatacenterExperience together “live”
Hall 12, Stand E79EatonExperience together “live” - Infrastructure with intelligence
Hall 12, Stand E79ExcoolExperience together “live” - Indirect Adiabatic and Evaporative Data Center Cooling
Hall 12, Stand E79SDMOExperience together “live”
Hall 12, Stand E92LegrandComprehensive Data Center Infrastructure – Power; Distribution, Racks and Containment, Cooling and Cable Management


Hall 12, Stand E82

Take this opportunity to get to know other exhibitors together with other experts. Benefit from question and discussion rounds and get to know new contacts.

Each 360°dcTour takes around 60 minutes.

The start and end point for the 360°dcTour is the Data Center Lounge. Please arrive 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled start, so that we can get going on time.

Please register the date below on which you want to take the tour. You can choose between taking a tour daily in German (MON: 12:00, DI: 16:00 WED: 12:00, THURS: 16:00, FRI: 12:00) or in English (MON: 16:00 TUES: 12:00 PM, WED: 14:00 THURS: 12:00 FRI: 14:00).

Hall 12, Stand E82

SpeakerCorner is the venue for lectures, workshops and expert discussions on data center infrastructure topics and issues.

In addition to short presentations on block themes, the following specials await you:

  • Automated Contingency
  • Professionals for the data center
  • Does the universe need data center heat?
  • Digital twins – Also relevant to data centers
  • From the world of practice: converting a data center while in operation

Put your own programme together. The speakers are looking forward to discussing their topics with you!

You can find out more about the speakers and their presentations on the CeBIT page.

TimeMO, 20.03.2017DI, 21.03.2017MI, 22.03.2017DO, 23.03.2017
10:40Bring concepts to life
Karl Van Ginderdeuren, Deerns Group
The European Commission activities and perspective on Data Centre sustainability
Svetoslav Mihaylov, European Commission
11:00Why we are the right people to make your data center project a success!
Lars Bennefeld, Engie Deutschland
Fire protection in the data center
-intelligent protected, highly available, innovative-
Christian Leu, Minimax
Answering the demand of colocation data centers with the next generation UPS system
Jaroslav Emeljanov, Delta Electronics 
11:20Constructional Facility Management / Testing & Commissioning
Oliver Heß, Apleona HSG Facility Management
From the cloud into the fog?
Dr. Peter Koch, Vertiv
11:40Opening dcSpeaker'sCorner
Monika Graß, Grass Consulting
Why Digitalisation in DC 4.0
Hartwig Bazzanella, VIRZ Verband Innovatives Rechenzentrum e. V.
why. Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)
H.-Jürgen Kiery, DKE
Building Blocks of the Data Center of the Future
Michael Schumacher + Sergio Verano Luri, APC by Schneider Electrik
12:00Answering the demand of colocation data centers with the next generation UPS system
Jaroslav Emeljanov, Delta Electronics 
The rack - More than bended metal
Markus Gerber, Pentair Technical Solutions
Which influence has the new Wide Band OM5 Multimode Fiber on future DC Infrastructure solution
René Trösch, CommScope
Innovative Infrastructure for Digital Transformation
Wolfgang Kaufmann, Globalways
12:20Empowering your Network
Dr. Michael Gude, Gude Analog-und Digitalsysteme
STEP up!: Energy efficiency and saving opportunities in data centers
Dr. Kubin, ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement
Energy saving potentials in air-conditioning
Dirk Doormann, BerlinerLuft. Klimatechnik
12:40Optimal DCIM strategies
Fernando Recuero, Delta Electronics 
Efficient data centers für small and medium businesses
Ralph Wölpert, Bitkom
IoT, 5G and NFV – Are datacenters getting obsolete?
Dr. Simon Oberthür, Universität Paderborn
13:00Rechenzentrum Skills & Certifications
Norbert Berger, EPI Europe / PROKODA GmbH
ServiceNow - Modernization of IT Service Management
Steve Bothin, Atos
Revolutionizing Data Center Efficiency
Kevin Read, Om7Sense
Data center market in Germany – More and more data centers – increasing energy consumption?
Dr. Ralph Hintemann, Borderstep Institut für Innovation und Nachhaltigkeit gemeinnützige GmbH
13:20Why the IoT requires a new approach in data center design
Bernd Maja, Legrand GmbH
Modern technology requires modern methods
Oliver Lindner, FNT
Can data centers play a role in the energy market?
Jussi Vihersalo, Eaton
Expert deficit in the data center
Dr. Eckhart Morré, Apleona HSG Facility Management
13:40The German Way of Cloud - secure, green and cost-efficient
Dr. Jens Struckmeier, Cloud&Heat
How can you protect your mission-critical infrastructure from cyber-physical attacks?
Urs Iten, Siemens
Data Centre Market Outlook
Philip Low, BroadGroup
14:00Counter emergencies fast and comprehensively – automated contingency management
Wilfried Cleres, Fujitsu
All hot air? Requirements and solutions for tomorrow’s data centers
Dr. Peter Koch, Vertiv
Building Blocks of the Data Center of the Future
Michael Schumacher + Sergio Verano Luri, APC by Schneider Electrik
Industrialization of The Edge Data Center
Geraint Davies, Eltek AS
14:20Experience report - Refurbishment of a TSI3 datacenter with 3400 m2 whitespace during operations.
Christian Pausch, Atos
Data Center goes Lean Management
Holger Zultner, ICT Facilities
14:40Dublin's experience can be a valuable contribution to FLAP markets in data center
Vincenz Wagner, Enterprise Ireland + Tom O'Connor, Collen Group
Wohin mit der Wärme?
Counter emergencies fast and comprehensively – automated contingency management
Wilfried Cleres, Fujitsu
why.Fire Protection - The underestimated risk in the DataCenter
Peter Stehr, WAGNER Group
Why? 10 (why?) questions about the buzzword bingo of digitalization.
Frank Zachmann, Digitalhub FrankfurtRheinMain
15:20From the perspective of a data centre owner
Robin Kuchta, Cronon
Physical Security in the Datacenter – Correct Control of Access Points
Jorrit Fabricius, AZS System AG
15:40Indirect Adiabatic and Evaporative Data Center Cooling
Roland Wagner, Excool
DC Room temperatures and IT energy efficiency
Alfred Kraas, maincubes one
16:00The power is where you need it
Ralf Stüber, SDMO
Renewal, DC build or Co-Location? Criterias for the correct decision making.
Christian Pausch, Atos
16:20DCIM – data integration, processes and limitations
Holger Nickel, AixpertSoft


The Data Center Infrastructure Community meeting area.

What – When – Where – Who – How

The Data Center Infrastructure Community meets!

End your CeBIT day in the company of others!